maandag 15 september 2008

We Have Moved

We had moved. Just go to and find the blog on the homepage of our brand new site. Direct link here

vrijdag 12 september 2008


I found this Parra booklet in a bookstore here in NYC. It's real nice. Apparently this guy's from Amsterdam...

Guess where I'm going tonight?

donderdag 11 september 2008

woensdag 10 september 2008

Supreme round 1

Don't believe the hype, but Supreme always makes really nice stuff.

Almost perfect...

Today we went to the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). When you think of a museum, you think of this. Rembrandts, van Goghs, mummies, Greek statues, the whole shebang. Except for dinosaurs, nope no dinosaurs.

If you are annoyed by people with little those little gay dogs, it's not a new trend it's been done forever.

They even had a Wemoto print up there.

Like in streetwear they had an overkill of the ancient Egyptian arts.

They also had an Arms and Armour section, which was fucking cool. Guns, knifes, swords, axes and of course armour.

cuisine a la Ben-G # 3

Chilli and cheese hot-dog straight from the street.

dinsdag 9 september 2008

Start Spreading the News...

Emmelie from FUCT gave me the tip to visit Blue Ribbon Sushi. Well she knows her food, thanks.

This is for my roommate Harry:

Loads of good records stores.

Kate Hhhhhmmmoss

I didn't sleep with my girlfriend before and she had a 'little' surprise for me.

Cuisine a la Ben-G # 2

It's no Aunt Emma's, but still we had a good breakfast.
Eline: Pancakes with bacon.

Me: Spanish omelette with potatoes and toast.

And off course big mug of good ol' American coffee.

Benny, you know I'm not showing you all the healthy food I'm eating. Because I know that would disappoint you.

Chinky Town

New York meets China.

A lot of ducks in Chinky Town.

Howling wolfs are cool everywhere.

This is a high-end Chinese store, filled with high-end Chinese junk.

This guy was really creepy. He wanted me to take a picture of his bald spot, he looked at it and then wanted me to touch it. Just learn English and tell me what's wrong, alright?


maandag 8 september 2008

Cuisine a la Ben-G # 1

This is specially for Benny, if you follow his blog a little you might know he's addicted to American food.
Benny this was great, me and Eline shared a home-made cheeseburger and a Mexican Chicken Diabolo sandwich served with home-made fries.
This was just lunch and it was great, fucking A!

New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

So me and my girl flew in to NYC yesterday. And luckily the Big Apple had a nice birthday present waiting for me; a whole lot of rain.

But wet streets give a nice effect in pictures.

Today was a pretty amazing day though, about 28 degrees Celsius and a perfect blue sky.

My girl got me this car for my birthday, but it already got stolen. Damn you New York City!

We passed by the Church of Sixpack in the Lower East-side. Didn't know they had such a big following out here.

Check back daily for more NY updates.

donderdag 4 september 2008


Are you going to Streetlab? I'm already in the subway.

dinsdag 2 september 2008

Freshcotton Collection Fall 08

We have always made our own T-shirts with different artists, but from now on we're going to drop 4 serious collections a year. Put togehter by none other than my buddy Friso (Freshco).  The first one contains 26 T-shirts and has been online for a couple weeks now. Featured artist Kayeko made this ad for his own Tee. 
Also check out our feature on SlamXHype.

vrijdag 29 augustus 2008

Bombs Away!

If you haven't noticed already The Hundreds bomb just dropped online. Better be fast, shit's moving! 

donderdag 28 augustus 2008

New FUCT Homepage

FUCT always has the best homepages. they run loops of crazy clips. And they just put a new one up, check it: Before this one they had an original security video of women robbing a bank in the 70's and one with some soldiers in Vietnam smoking dope out of their gun. 

donderdag 21 augustus 2008

The Fat Guy is coming

More info on this soon...

maandag 18 augustus 2008

maandag 11 augustus 2008

Benny Lava

Check it out, now you can finally see what they are singing about in those crazy Bollywood movies:

donderdag 7 augustus 2008

OBEY Scoop

Keep your eye open next Wednesday for these two beauties and a whole lot of other OBEY stuff. Hot, hot, hot.

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008


I don't know if you've already noticed but this week we have the hottest model we ever had on the site. I hear she already has a boyfriend, that's one lucky motherfucker nailing her every night. 

vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Pisang Ambon Boy

This our new best friend; Pisang Ambon Boy. He hangs around our house (The Party Palace) a lot. He's some sort of genius and a great source of inspiration to me in the way he lives his life. Please check out his myspace and the video posted below.

*picture by the world famous Harley Brieffies

woensdag 30 juli 2008

Village People

We got offered a free booth (thanks Leon) at the Modefabriek, the only real 'fashion' tradeshow in Holland. Well not on the show itself but outside in 'The Village'. I don't know if you've been outside Sunday or Monday, but we've been burning in the hot sun for two days. Besides that drinking beers and talking to people. Life's tough.

dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Barcelona day 1

So fuck it's been a while, but here I finally am again. 
With my laptop crashing, tradeshow season and Jesse going on vacation in one of the busiest periods of the season I didn't have enough time or opportunities to blog I am very sorry, alright?
Well let start of with the Bread & Butter in Barcelona. Me and Jesse were sharing an apartment in the prostitute area with fat Peter (Frisco) Remco (Ontour) and G-G-Gio (Re-Issue). Which equals fun and a high level of streetwear knowledge (YAWN!). 

First night me and Jesse had to go to the Sixpack sales meetig, which they held on the roof-terrace of their penthouse, nice! Fucking nice collection, you'll see it in half a year haha. Utopia!

When we were supposed to meet up with Peter and Gio for diner, we ran in to your favourite Fin; Timothy (CTRL). Jesus Christ I can't believe how cool he was looking. Was he always like this or did he turn into a hipster overnight? 

We decided to join him and the rest of the the CTRL crew (Freeman, Esa and their Barcelona hostess) for diner. Bam "the Goth" Margera was sitting next to us and even got up so Gio and Peter could sit. Peter was all starstruck, he even took a picture with him (check his blog). He's now thinking of getting a HIM tattoo

When we were doing serious business on the sales meeting, Peter and Gio went to the Stussy X Boneyard X Neighborhood shop opening and blew all their money on overpriced sneakers and T-shirts. Guess who were paying for beer the rest of the week?

Gio ran into his ex in the middle of the street. For some reason he didn't wanna talk to him and pretended he was passed out.